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Yemenites Quarter Experience tour

How does a small neglected piece of land becomes one of the most desirable and exclusive neighborhood in Tel aviv. Apparently it is all about the food.

  2.5 hours
  up to 20
64 USD
  Nahalat Binyamin area - South TLV.
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Walking tour
Florentine Experience tour

We are going to reveal the truth behind Tel Aviv most artistic neighbourhood. Get ready to taste Florentine's dynamic kicking lifestyle.

  2.5 hours
  up to 20
50 USD
  Heart of florentine. South TLV
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Walking tour
Heart of TLV Experience tour

Follow the story of 60 men who wanted to build themselves a small suburb but instead created one of the world’s most exciting cities.

  2.5 hours
  up to 20
52 USD
  Rothschild boulevard, Center TLV.
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Walking tour
Jaffa Experience tour

With all due respect for Tel Aviv, let's not forget who was here first. This port city from the 15th century BC has a neverending supply of surprises.

  3 hours
  up to 20
57 USD
  Old city of Jaffa.
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Our Tour Guides


"When I get married, the ceremony will take place at an abandoned street art painted house."
An adventurer originally from California who, after country hopping, ended up living in Tel Aviv. Loves art, nature and people. Ray has collected a unique knowledge of the eclectic neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv.


"Swimming, Theatre, Opera, Saving animals and Trying out all kinds of foods would be my kind of date."
Born and raised in Italy but considers herself a TLV Local. She plays Rugby and is experienced in Krav Maga - Irene is a tough one! With an M.A in international law and great passion for traveling the world and sharing her knowledge from her travels.


"In a previous life I must have been a seal. I can't imagine living anywhere without a beach"
Born in Tel Aviv, actress, singer, and has art running through her veins. From a young age she dreamed of being a veterinarian but for now raising her cat is enough. Holds the record for drinking 4 liters of beer in one hour, officially making her THE WALK's beer queen.

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About us

We, as a collective of managers and owners of The Walk-TLV have been traveling the world for quite a while now and in order to contain and feel the true and honest vibes of different locations - we got the impression that it is preferable to have someone local on your side. Somebody who can show you real life focal points. Somebody who can let you inside a new world with untold stories about people, culture and life. Somebody to tell you what different behaviors mean - ceremonies and gestures you just wouldn't get without an indigenous companion.

Our vision comes to life with the assistance of professional and experienced guides worldwide. Creating that holistic feel is a result of combining fields of history, traditions, folklor, culinary, art and culture together as a tale. The presentation itself is accompanied with excitement and energy in order to weave it all together.

In The Walk TLV we are all about creating, paving and designing a path for people from all over the world to experience a significant, indigenous and genuine tours of this magical and thrilling city.

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